Online Installment

Megatechnicas' online shop offers you fast and comfortable purchase of desirable products with online installment.


Easily fill online installment form from your home or office, with your smartphone or notebook, from every part of Georgia!


With our online shop, we offer you online installments of every Georgian bank that have this option. 


Terms of Online Installment: 





   Choose up to three items from 150 GEL to 5.000 GEL 


   Complete application form and wait for installment approval SMS   


   Get your product at home





  Borrower's monthly income: 200 GEL


  Borrower’s age: 20-65 year


  Minimum price of the item: 150 GEL


  Amount of the loan: 150-5.000 GEL


  Term of the loan: 3-24 month


  Co-payment: from 0%


  Effective Annual Interest Rate: From 10%






 You can receive a Liberty Bank, installment loan, if:


  •     You have steady monthly income, such as wages, rents, or state benefits
  •     Money transfers are made to Liberty Bank
  •     You receive state pension transfers
  •     You have income from agriculture


Participation installment -  From 0%

The purchase price of the item -  100 - to 5,000 GEL

Loan Term - From 3 to 24 months

Borrowers age -  From 20 - to 70-years