Product Repair, Exchange and Return Policy

Product Repair, Exchange and Return Policy




Dear Customer, By using the Company's website, it is assumed that you have read, understood and accepted the present terms and conditions for product repair/exchange/return. These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between you and the Company.


Definition of Terms

Company - "Omega" LLC /trade mark "Megatechnika"/; Registered in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, identification code: 211334830. 
Actual (administrative office) address: Tsereteli #140, Tbilisi; Legal address: Tbilisi, Gamsakhurdia #11; e-mail:; tel. 2 350515.

Addresses of the company's trading facilities (stores):

  • Tbilisi

DIDUBE, 140, A. Tsereteli Ave.

SABURTALO, 70a, A. Kazbegi Ave.

VARKETILI, 2, A. Tvalchrelidze Str.

CHUGHURETI, 2, Station Square, Tbilisi Central Shopping Center

Gldani, 1, O. Khizanishvili Street

Saburtalo, "City Mall" Vazha-Pshavela N70

  • Rustavi

19, J. Shartava Street.

  • Kutaisi

99, Rustaveli Ave.

42, I. Chavchavadze Ave.

  • Batumi

91, Z. Gorgiladze Str.

76 Chavchavadze Str.


Website - the company's website -, through which customer service is provided;

Products - products available in the company's trade network;

Purchase of products - online purchase of products;

User - a natural or legal person who, through registration on the website, agrees to these terms and conditions and/or communicates with the company for the purpose of purchasing products;

Agreement - the agreement signed between the users and the company, which includes the present terms and conditions of product repair/exchange/return (its appendices), online purchase terms, online installment terms, delivery terms, warranty service terms, TAX FREE service terms, privacy policy and duration of the agreement is determined by the term specified in the item's warranty card.


Basic Provisions


Product exchange/return communication between the company and the customer via email 


Refusal of contract

Within 14 calendar days after purchase of the item, the customer has the right to refuse the contract by sending a message to the company, which means filling in the "Application for withdrawal from the contract" (see "Appendix 1") and sending it electronically to the company's e-mail address within next 7 calendar days and with his own expense to return the purchased item to the company, taking into account the following conditions: if the price of the item has decreased as a result of use, which is not related to the determination of its nature, characteristics and functionality, the customer is obliged to pay the difference, arising from the decrease in the price of the item, which is the the difference between item's cost price and sales value. Accordingly, the company reserves the right to refund to the customer the purchase price of the item, minus the difference.


If the commercial appearance of the item is unchanged, the company will return the item and fully reimburse the customer for the amount paid for the returned item.


The right to withdraw from the user agreement (the right to return the item) will not apply in the following cases:

The price of the item depends on changes in the financial market beyond the control of the company during the right of withdrawal from the contract;

After delivery, the airtightness of the delivered item has been broken and it cannot be returned due to compliance with health and/or hygiene norms;

upon delivery, the delivered item was inseparably combined with another item;

After delivery, the appearance of the item is changed/damaged;

In case of return of the item by the customer in accordance with the present conditions, the company will pay the amount to the customer within 14 calendar days after receiving the notice of withdrawal from the contract.



Factory defect of the item

The user must make a claim regarding the item's defect (factory defect) within the warranty period, taking into account the service centers indicated in the warranty card of the purchased item. The warranty period is 2 years, it is counted from the day of delivery of the item to the customer and is valid throughout the territory of Georgia.


Repair/exchange/price reduction or return of the item

Taking into account the nature of the item, dimensions and the essence of the problem stated by the user related to the item, when communicating with the service center, the user will be offered to bring the item to the relevant service center at his own expense or to call a specialist of the service center at his own expense to check the item on site. The addresses and contact telephone numbers of the service centers are:





Service center

Warranty period



Hisense,Simfer, Daewoo, Shaublorenz, Hansa, Elikor, Motorfan, Dixi, Philips, Scarlett, Adler, Mesko, Camry, Gerlach, Braun Beauty, Sven, Akog, Kordi


2 years

140, A.Tsereteli Ave.  2 35 05 15


Samsung, Whirpool, Indesit, Zanussi, Electrolux, Moulinex, Tefal, Rowenta


2 years

Vaja-fshavela st. 30a; 2312000



Express service

3 years

69 A.Tsereteli Ave.  235 75 00


BRAUN, Kenwood, Delonghi, Hitachi

Elit service / Dom kofe

2 years

Z. Paliashvili Str. 66 577135055


ILITEK / Sollex

ILITEK service

2 years

57 A.Tsereteli Ave.  2348417




2 years

17e Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue; 322220505



EVO Service

2 years

6 Vazha-Pshavela Ave. 322375461


ASUS; Lenovo; Dell, TCL, Infinix


2 years

5 Tsintsadze St;     322422215


APPLE; Logitech


2 years

12 Tsintsadze St;   032 230 10 01


Marshall; Urban; Letscome,Accesstyle, OnePlus


2 years

26 Tsintsadze St;  032 230 40 80




2 years

20 Mirian Mepe St; 596885585



Service center

2 years

2 Pekini Ave;   032 2 36 53 32

  • An exception to the mentioned rule is the visit of a service center specialist to check the item on site in Tbilisi, Rustavi, Kutaisi and Batumi, as well as bringing the item to the corresponding service center for checking, which is free of charge. However, if, based on the specialist's report, the item does not have any manufacturing defects, the user is obliged to pay the expenses incurred by the company for the visit (service) of the specialist and the delivery of the item to the relevant service center for inspection, within 7 (seven) days after the said report is issued.
  • In the event of a customer's complaint about the factory defects of large items (refrigerator, washing machine, gas cooktop, gas stove, gas heater, air conditioner, dishwasher), an on-site inspection of the item will be carried out by a specialist.
  • If during the inspection of the item it is found that the item does not have a factory defect and/or it is not subject to warranty service, the company will not bear any costs (including transportation) and all additional costs (transportation and others) will be paid by the customer. The same rule applies in case of calling the service center specialist to the address of the location of the item.
  • For the transportation of the item to the service center by the user, a shipping company or an individual with an adequate (taking into account the prices on the shipping market) tariff should be selected.
  • The visit of the service center specialist to check the item on site will be carried out within 7 (seven) working days after his call, and his service fee is at least 30 (thirty) and at most 50 (fifty) GEL..
  • During the warranty period, repair of any manufacturing defect and warranty service are free of charge, including the cost of service, repair and spare parts.
  • According to the rules established by the manufacturer of the item, the repair/repair period is defined as 45 (forty-five) working days from the submission of the item to be repaired to the authorized service center.
  • In the event that the repair of the item is impossible due to its nature or requires a disproportionate or inappropriately high cost, it will be replaced with a new item based on the relevant report of the authorized service center specialist, the deadline for which is 5 (five) working days, within 5 (five) calendar days after the said report is issued.
  • The item is exchanged for the same or higher value (with the customer covering the price difference) with the same item available on sale at the time of replacement, and if the same item cannot be replaced due to its stock being exhausted, with another item of the same or higher value (with the customer covering the price difference).
  • The value of the item when changing is determined by the value at the time of purchase. When exchanging an item, when the exchange item is out of stock, the cost is determined by the lower of the price paid at the time of purchase and the price of the item being exchanged.
  • Exchange of the item is allowed only with its completeness and it is necessary to keep its accessories and box undamaged and present it to the company during the warranty period.
  • The user has the right to request a price reduction of the item with a factory complaint or to return the purchased item in the presence of one of the following conditions:
  • due to the nature of the purchased item, its repair and replacement is impossible or requires disproportionately or disproportionately large expenses;
  • If the item could not be repaired or replaced within 45 (forty-five) working days after delivery by the user to the relevant service center;
  • In the event that a claim on the factory defect of the item was made within 5 days from the purchase of the item, which was subsequently confirmed based on the conclusion of the relevant service center specialist, the company will replace the item with a new item or return the amount paid to the customer in exchange for the return of the defective item.

The warranty obligation will not be fulfilled in one of the following cases:

  • The warranty card is not presented/lost;
  • in the absence of the seal of the company's trading facility (store) on the warranty card;
  • If the serial number on the warranty card is corrected;
  • The serial number/IMEI code is not readable in the warranty card or on the product body;
  • if the data in the warranty card is changed, deleted or modified;
  • Item box is lost or damaged;
  • the seal is damaged or loose;
  • if the warranty period has expired;

Warranty service is not subject to:

  • any visual defect or mechanical damage;
  • damage due to improper operation and violation of storage rules;
  • The damage is caused by a malfunction of the electronic network (voltage change, high voltage), dampness of the mechanism, corrosion, exposure to inappropriately high or low temperatures.
  • The item is disassembled (opened) as a result of arbitrary repair;
  • the damage was caused by the unqualified performance of repair and/or installation works carried out by an incompetent person (without the master of the service center);
  • Defects caused by arbitrary changes in the construction of the item;
  • The item was damaged during commercial use;
  • The item was damaged due to its inappropriate (non-domestic) use;
  • The item (in case of PC/Laptop) has been damaged by a computer virus or an inappropriate file;


Warranty does not apply to electrical accessories (including):

  • plug adapter;
  • remote controls (for all types of products);
  • antennas, cables (televisions, muscle centers);
  • Filters, hoses, cloth bags (air conditioner, washing machine, vacuum cleaner).
  • software;
  • power supply unit of the system unit;
  • electrical element;
  • memory card;
  • adapter;
  • charging device;
  • phone screen protector;
  • phone case;
  • laptop bags;

For the attention of customers!

-The customer should take into account that with the delivery of the item, the risk of its accidental death (destruction), spoilage or damage is transferred to them, even if it is sent by the carrier on the order of the customer. The said risks shall pass to the customer from the moment of delivery of the item to the carrier.

- The user must follow the rules of operation developed by the manufacturer of the item in accordance with the attached instructions.

-It is not recommended to place the item in water/liquid. Strictly following the requirements of the company that manufactures the item will prevent water/liquid from getting into it. In case of water/liquid getting into the item, the company has no warranty obligations.

-After installing any type of natural gas appliance, call the relevant service specialist of the gas supply company and make sure that there is no danger to life and health.

-It is recommended that all types of electrical equipment be grounded and use a surge protector. The company has no warranty obligations in case of damage to the item due to non-compliance with the mentioned condition.




The user confirms that:

is a legal entity established in accordance with the legislation of Georgia or an adult natural person.

has full (unlimited) capacity, is not under the influence of narcotic, alcoholic, psychotropic or toxic drugs, is not under the influence of error, fraud, pressure, threats or any other unlawful influence and is not the object of violence, threats, deception, misrepresentation or other prohibited actions , is fully aware of the content of the manifestation of his will, the essence of the provisions of the present terms and conditions and the legal consequences arising from it;

The user has full authority to accept and fulfill the present terms and obligations under the agreement;

he has become familiar with these terms and conditions and these terms are acceptable to him;

All data presented by him is accurate;

The User is not engaged in or participating in any illegal activity (including fraud, money laundering, arms trafficking, terrorism or other illegal activity) under the laws of any jurisdiction (which includes the laws of Georgia and the laws of the country of which the User is a citizen);

For the entire period of validity of the agreement, its activities and/or actions are/will be in compliance with local and/or international legislation.

His action is not/will be aimed at deceiving the company and/or any third party. Taking into account the mentioned principle, the document and/or information submitted by him to the company for entering into the contract or based on it and performing it is/will be true, accurate and complete at the time of its presentation;

He will conscientiously, completely and thoroughly fulfill the obligations assumed by this document;

The user immediately informs the company in writing by e-mail about all the circumstances(s) that may conflict with his/her stated statements and/or cause a violation of the stated guarantees;

The company enters into a contract with the customer taking into account the provisions of this agreement and considers them as the terms of the contract. Accordingly, after the conclusion of the contract, the violation of the statements, guarantees and obligations provided for in this article is a sufficient reason for the company to unilaterally refuse to provide all or any of the services provided for in the contract and conditions.





Appendix #1

Application for withdrawal from the contract

Company details:


The actual address

E-mail address

date of order;

date of receipt of the order;


user address;

User's signature (if the form is filled out on paper);

Date of filling the form.