Electrolux was founded in 1910 as Elektromekaniska AB. The legal name spelling changed to Electrolux – in 1957. Since 1928, the company was organized as a holding company and rapidly grew by Hans Werth & Eacute, until 1970. In North America, the Electrolux name was long used as the manufacturer of a vacuum cleaner based on a Swiss businessman who emigrated to the United States in 1998, which was given the right to carry the brand of Electrolux &ndash branded in North America, and now it is named as Aerus LLC &ndash. Produces. The next transmission trademark, Electrolux – was added to a new line of Electrolux household appliances, USA & Canada for sale. In 2002, Hans Straubert was appointed as Electrolux & President and Executive Director..


In 2003 Electrolux launches restructuring program in Europe to improve negative business directions. Today the Electrolux Group consists of two business areas: long-term consumer products and professional products. The long-term use of consumer products includes: kitchen products such as refrigerators and freezers, laundry products (washing machines and dishwashers), floor maintenance and small appliances (vacuum cleaners and gardens) as well as spare parts. Professional products include: equipment for food service (restaurants, industrial cuisine, etc.) and laundry equipment (for health care, laundry during lodging, etc.)




Zanussi – company's quarry starts in the North & East in 1916 in Antonio Zunus's small workshop, home and wood stoves.
Zanussi was sold in the UK in the early 1970s “Zoppas”–It's brand name, then became known as ‘Zanussi’ And the second largest Italian device manufacturer in the UK. They were also producing washing machines ‘Hotpoint for Hotpoint’ , Which were very reliable and highly rated by consumers and engineers.
70–By the end of January and at the beginning of 80 – the company has an assortment of washing machines used in the induction engine. This type of washing machine is still reliable and popular.
During this time Zanussi Professional produces equipment for commercial use.


By the end of 80 – Zanussi produces the 'Nexus Tub ” – design which is still produced by small modifications. The bathroom and some other parts are made of plastic materials such as "Carboran", which are multiple uses. Today, Zanussi provides any way to get this material for use.

In 1980, Zanussi joined Electrolux & ndash family and continued production of products to help make your days easier. Like the Jetsystem washing machine that automatically consumes the quantity and energy of the water as it needs to be loaded.
Never stops after the last innovation, works zealously to open up new ways to improve your lifestyle.




Sony Company was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka & ndash and Akio Morita & ndash. They complement each other with innovation of products and mercury savvy.
In 1950, after the war in Japan, they created the first tape recorder G-TYPE. Ibuka & ndash had practical vision and the ability to foresee what products could be used in everyday life. He inspired his engineers to innovate the idea and forcing them to abandon their capabilities.
By means of Ibuka G-TYPE & ndash; the magnetotone transformed into Model P (for "Portable") and becomes the company's first successful product.
In 1953, the company acquired the license for the transistor from Western Electric & ndash.Ibuka urged its engineers to improve the methods of production, consumer goods, transistor radios. In 1955, the first Japanese transistor radio TR-55 runs.


Akio Morita was the first true pioneer in marketing, who introduced Sony's name to the world. It was defined by Sony & ndash brand. The company name "Sony" is made up of two words. One of these is Latin "sonus", which means & ldquo; the second is "sonny", which means the youngest son. The word was used to demonstrate that Sony is a young man with a very small group of people who have the energy and strive for uneasy possibilities. 

Video Innovation was also a priority for Sony engineers. On October 15, 1967, a new color TV was released on behalf of Trinitron & ldquo; & ndash; He created a new standard of quality, image and design.
Kazuo Iwama He was elected president of Sony & ndash in 1976 and was involved in the development of CCD & ndash, which led to the creation of video cameras and cameras. During his presidency, Sony produces a video in the production of Magnetophone Betamax. His work ends in 1982, but before that Sony makes another innovation. The compact discs reader who changed the way to listen to music.
Sony–The current president, Kunitake Ando, operates the Sony Global Operations Operations. Earlier in 1996, he was responsible for the introduction of Sony VAIO & ndash personal computer and helped Sony to become one of the leading companies in Japan in Information Technology.

Sony still continues to produce new products and improve existing technologies, so it keeps the champion in consumer technology. For example: VAIO & ndash's notebooks, digital cameras, carrying devices that allow you to save and browse pictures everywhere and with a flat screen LCD TV with HDTV quality. The most widely manufactured and selling technology today. 




The history of Toshiba's creation has two distinct starting points. In 1875, Tanaka Engineering Works, Japan's first telecom equipment company, is created. His founder, Hisashige Tanaka (1799 - 1881), was known for his work as mechanical dolls and watches, as Shibaura Seisaku-Sho (Shibaura Engineering Works) is one of the largest manufacturer of heavy electric equipment in Japan. In 1890 Hakunetsu-sha & amp; Co., Ltd. It was founded as the first electronic lamps manufacturing plant in Japan. Further diversification shows that the company develops as a consumer product manufacturer. In 1899 the company is named Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Co) & ndash.


In 1839 these two companies, leaders in their field, united and created the united electronics equipment company Tokyo Shibaura Denki (Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.). The company is soon known as & bdquo; Toshiba & ldquo; which became its official name in 1978.
Currently the company is the ninth largest mwarmoebelia electronic device in the world and household appliances. Such as refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.
Toshiba makes technology and products more reliable, more comfortable and productive.
It combines the spirit of innovation, jealousy and faith that will change the future and help protect the global environment.




The company HISANSE was created in 1969 and its first product was radio.

HISENSE is now the largest shareholder on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Hisense is exported to 20 countries worldwide for more than 30 years. Hisense is one of the few global companies that have created and refined backlight LED technologies in large screens. Hisense factories are mainly located in China, although research-based (R & D) centers are in China, as well as in the United States and Germany. Hisense has kept the champion in sales of the Chinese market for years. Hisense is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of air conditioners, refrigerators and network systems.

The HISENSE Group has joined GUANGDONG KELON electric power company since 2006, which is one of the largest manufacturers of white equipment in China.

The HISENSE brand has appeared on the Georgian market since 2008 and still holds a place of honor.
High quality, affordable price and modern design - this motto was chosen by SIMFER in 1977 when the kitchen equipment was started. It was important for them to create an exquisite design kitchen equipment with improved functionality. Electric and gas stoves that would allow professional chef or housewife to prepare real cookie masterpieces with minimal effort.


The success of SIMFER in this field is the result of an uninterrupted work of permanent search, researchers and highly qualified specialists.
The SIMFER company uses modern and innovative technologies for production. High quality and safe technologies meet the standards set out in all international norms.
Since 2006, SIMFER has started manufacturing equipment. It also produces 45 cm. Sizing techniques. This product is distinguished by its compact size and affordable price.
The SIMFER company is today:

. One of the most competitive and well-known domestic appliances manufacturers, known worldwide as a reliable and reliable brand. It has quality all. Required certificate
. Has 2 largest modernized and automated factory;
. Has more than 1000 trading units and a wide range of service centers;
. Has thousands of highly qualified employees;
. SIMFER cares about the environment, so it uses safe and ecologically pure raw materials that do not produce harmful toxic substances during exploitation;
. SIMFER implements its equipment in 126 countries. England, Germany, France, Italy - these are Europe's countries where SIMFER is successfully sold;

Gas Cookers, Built-in Equipment, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Heater - This is a small list of what the brand of SIMFERI is successfully producing. Buying SIMFER equipment has a 100% guarantee that the hardware will work well for many years. The product purchased by the customer is carefully examined by SIMFER.
SIMFER-ს 5 In the continent, 126 people trust the user because the customer opinion of SIMFER is crucial!




PHILIPS is a Dutch company founded in 1891 in Einhodenes. The founders of the company are brothers Gerard and Anton Phillips.
The first product of PHILIPS was the lamp. There were 10 employees working in the enterprise where the bulbs were produced and 100-200 times a day. Within a few years, the enterprise has been known worldwide. The brothers Philips did not only create a big enterprise but also show the world's business with a different perspective. Their motto was - & bdquo; Numbers are important, but people are very important.“
In 1983, PHILIPS and SONY offered a new product to the electronics equipment market as compact disc.
In 1999, the brothers were awarded the status of the Best Builder of the XX Century in Philadelphia.

PHILIPS creates and implements advanced technologies that make life easier for people. Production is divided into three parts:
· „Lighting“;
· „Consumer goods“ ;
· „Health care“.


PHILIPS is the world's leading company in the field of clothing, clothing, and kitchen equipment. PHILIPS is a global brand that you trust.
PHILIPS provides the user with social-psychological needs and offers the most comprehensive choice of kitchen techniques. PHILIPS cares, protects and simplifies the lives of people.
PHILIPS is designed to create a technique that will be: aesthetically pleasing, easy to use - easy and health-safe. Every user who chooses to set up PHILIPS techniques at the same time chooses the comfort.
PHILIPS has 16 300 employees worldwide only in the consumer goods sector.
PHILIPS helps people improve their quality of life
Health, well-being and joy in life - this is the basic needs of the world around the world. The PHILIPS brand provides the following three components:

The formula for the success of PHILIPS is simple - multi-year experience, continuous market research, technological advancement, refinement and reliability.